Frequently Asked Questions

Below, we’ve listed some frequently asked questions about The Next 56 Days.

What can I expect in a live class?2018-03-12T23:23:59-04:00

The Next 56 Days will have one free, no-obligation Introduction Class and 8 Weekly Live Classes on how to live a healthier lifestyle that includes how to balance blood sugars, detox and lessen inflammation. In a Live Class, you will weigh in weekly (except for Week 1) with your coach and other participants. One of our awesome Coaches will teach the weekly lesson. You will receive handouts and a food sample based upon the recipes for that week. You will have access to a coach that you are able to reach out to for support or to answer any questions or concerns.

Each class is a little different, depending upon the location and the coaches. Some may incorporate cooking demonstrations within their classes. At Week 3, each participant will have access to our Exclusive, Members-Only Facebook Group. Here you will be able to access more approved recipes and additional support from The Next 56 Days family. Please continue to reach out to your coaches should you have any questions. All coaches will follow the same guidelines for The Next 56 Days.

How much do the live classes cost?2018-03-09T20:53:35-05:00

Pricing for the live classes varies depending on your goals and desired level of participation. For more information about pricing for live classes, please email us at info@thenext56days.com.

Can I use my FSA or HSA to purchase a Membership?2018-03-09T20:54:21-05:00

Yes! You can use your FSA or HSA to purchase our Basic Membership or any of our Exclusive Membership Kits (Silver, Gold or Platinum). If you are unable to pay with your FSA/HSA card, you can purchase with your personal debit/credit card or Paypal account and reimburse yourself from your FSA/HSA. You will receive a payment receipt for your records immediately after signing up.

How can I purchase the Cookbook?2017-09-17T20:33:19-04:00

Our Silver, Gold and Platinum Membership Kits include The Net 56 Days Cookbook. The Basic Membership does not include the Cookbook. If you would like to order one, you can do so by sending $31.73 per book (includes tax and shipping) to:
The Next 56 Days
ATTN: Debbie Hughes
3610 Spanish Peak Dr, #2A
High Point, NC 27265

Please include your name, phone number and shipping address. Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

Where can I find the ingredients used in The Next 56 Days recipes?2018-03-09T20:48:54-05:00

Most ingredients that we use in The Next 56 Days can be found at any local grocery store. There are some ingredients, such as the approved sweeteners, that can be found at local health food stores or ordered online through Amazon or Vitacost.

After the course, where can I continue to purchase the supplements?2017-09-17T20:33:40-04:00

Talk to your personal coach about this. Ariix will give you a 30% discount on all supplements with an Ariix membership and auto-ship that can be delivered straight to your house every 28, 56 or 84 days.

What can I expect from the Online Course?2018-09-24T09:10:30-04:00

For those who have hectic schedules or live in places that would make it difficult to get to a live class, the Online Course is a great option! You will have access to 9 weekly video modules with The Next 56 Days as well as online access to your lessons for a total of 12 weeks with our Basic, Silver, and Gold Memberships. Our Platinum Membership includes access for 20 weeks. These extended access times will allow you to watch a certain lesson more than once. Online participants will go through a 7-day loading phase once they have signed up for the online class. These will give you the 7 days needed to prepare for the course. Any items from our Exclusive Membership Kits (Silver, Gold or Platinum) should be received within 7-10 business days. Every 7 days during the Online Course, there will be a new video lesson that will be unlocked for you to be able to watch. There will be downloadable “handouts” and recipes that you will be able to access weekly. Additionally, all of our Online Course participants will have access to a personal coach that will help you set and meet your goals, and be available for any questions or concerns that you may have throughout the program. On Week 3, online participants will be given lifetime access to our Members-Only Facebook Group which will include additional recipes and community support. Please continue to reach out to your personal coach if you have any questions or concerns.

Will I receive immediate access to the entire Online Course once signing up as a Member?2017-09-17T20:35:20-04:00

You will receive immediate access to your very first module, the “Loading Phase” lesson. Weekly modules will continue to open every 7 days after your register.

What is my personal coach responsible for during the Online Course?2018-09-24T09:12:08-04:00

Every participant with The Next 56 Days will have access to a personal coach. This coach is a person that has gone through The Next 56 Days program and has experienced success themselves. They are compassionate, supportive and are here for your needs. You should be contacted by your personal coach soon after signing up for the online course. Your coach will welcome you to the program and ask about your personal goals. You will be given their personal contact number. Most coaches will respond quickest by text, but you may also call them. If you ever have questions or concerns during your 56-day journey, this is the person that you should reach out to. Your coach is not responsible for teaching you the weekly lesson, but they most certainly can answer any question that you may have had regarding that lesson. Please track your current weight on a weekly basis so that you can report this to your coach. *Please be advised that coaches with The Next 56 Days cannot give out medical advice to anyone.

Should I tell my Doctor that I am doing this program?2018-03-09T20:49:50-05:00

Sure! 😊 We have had several participants doing The Next 56 Days that go in for their routine exams and the doctor asks them what they’re doing. Their blood sugars have stabilized, their blood pressure goes down and they are releasing weight. This is a wonderful thing to experience! Diabetics and participants with hypertension will often see a decrease in their blood sugars and blood pressure. We advise letting your doctor know ahead of time so that they can monitor any medication changes as needed. *Please be advised that coaches with The Next 56 Days cannot give medical advice to anyone.

Do I have to purchase the products in order to see results?2017-09-29T23:04:55-04:00

While the products are not mandatory for you to see results, we highly recommend them! Everything we teach throughout The Next 56 Days is designed to accelerate your results and our recommended products do just that! For those interested in seeing faster results, we recommend choosing the Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership Kit.

Can I do this program if I am pregnant or nursing?2017-09-25T09:52:30-04:00

Absolutely! Healthy Mom = Healthy Baby! 😊 Please let your coach know if you are pregnant or nursing. We recommend 200 extra calories for both expectant and nursing moms. *Please be advised that coaches cannot give medical advice to anyone.

Are there any products NOT recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers?2017-10-02T16:38:27-04:00

Rejuveniix (Energy supplement offered in the Platinum Membership Kit) – We do not recommend any type of stimulant during pregnancy, such as coffee, caffeinated tea or soda. However, if you are currently weaning yourself off products such as these, we suggest switching over to Rejuveniix for a safe way to come off the stimulants.

Restoriix (Detox) – Per recommendations on the bottle, “Ask a physician if pregnant or nursing.”

Slenderiiz Drops (Weight Loss/Appetite Management/Metabolism) – These are not recommended for pregnant or nursing mothers.

I have Celiac Disease/I’m avoiding gluten. Will this program be OK for me?2017-09-29T23:07:46-04:00

Yes. The Next 56 Days is a gluten-free program.

I’m allergic to coconut oil. What can I use in place of it?2017-09-17T20:34:38-04:00

We recommend coconut oil with The Next 56 Days because of the health benefits experienced with it. For people who may have an allergy to coconuts or coconut oil, we recommend using approved butter in the place of cooking. Olive oil or avocado oil are also healthy oils; however, they are better for weight maintenance and not recommended during The Next 56 Days.

Can Alumni join the Online Course?2017-10-02T15:19:38-04:00

Absolutely! We’ve created a special Basic Membership rate that is available exclusively to The Next 56 Days Alumni! To get access to this special registration page, just send an email to members@thenext56days.com with the subject “Alumni Membership.” To expedite a response, please include your full name, the location and date of your last class, and the name of your previous Coach.

How can I get a class started in my area?2018-03-09T20:55:36-05:00

We currently have over 200 coaches that are instructing classes. If you are interested in hosting a class please let us know by emailing us at info@thenext56days.com. We require a minimum of 15 people to do a class. The location needs to be a place that has access to comfortable seating and a TV for Powerpoint presentations. If you are interested in becoming a coach yourself, we would love to know about it! We are always interested in growing and helping others around the country become healthier!

Still have questions? Feel free to email us at info@thenext56days.com.